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First impressions often tell the story, which is the case with Fort Lauderdale Architect Bruce Celenski’s custom contemporary luxury homes.

Celenski’s ultra contemporary architecture is stunning, with well-conceived layouts, thoughtful finishes, and refined details that ensure balance. His often imposing multiple elevations are perfectly in sync with each home setting. Stepping inside each Celenski luxury home is equally breathtaking. You are immediately speechless by his 35-foot ceilings and open floor plans, often accompanied by massive glass walls overlooking a pool or deep water.

Celenski’s custom open designs carve out private areas. At the same time, liberal use of natural materials and greenery lend a sense of warmth throughout. Extensive amenities make Celenski contemporary architecture exceptional for entertaining while always guided by his client’s vision. Fort Lauderdale Architect Celenski contemporary homes are often described as a true oasis of indoor and outdoor living,

Luxury Is Fort Lauderdale Architect Bruce Celenski

Fort Lauderdale architect Bruce Celenski specializes in contemporary architecture for high-end builders and affluent clientele; his results are extraordinary. Growing up in a construction family — grandfather, father, and two brothers are all contractors — influenced his career. “My construction background gives me an edge when designing and building contemporary luxury homes. No matter how stunning the design is, if it can’t be built safely and affordably, then it’ll never get off the ground.

“We approach each project with a completely new and fresh perspective,” notes Celenski. “Every project we undertake is the result of a collaboration between the client and our team. This emphasis on collaboration creates long-lasting relationships between the firm and its clients.

All the firm’s resources combine to leverage innovation and technology to assist in the design effort and carry it forward through technical development and construction administration. Our sophisticated 3D computer modeling programs to document designs and support the bidding, fabrication, and construction processes.