Architect Bruce Celenski

What started as “basic spaces to meet basic needs” has evolved into today’s more stylized designs. However, they still include these prominent features: Open floor plans. Concrete, stone, glass and steel materials. Straight and angled lines of modern design by Fort Lauderdale architect Bruce Celenski endure.

Quality of Work

As a leader in the design and construction of attractive homes throughout Fort Lauderdale and South Florida, our architecture firm understands the deep attachment of our clients to realizing a custom home that suits every aspect of their lifestyle needs. Our goal is the same as your goal and we will keep you updated during every stage of design and construction.

Architectural Style

Celenski’s enduring designs complement each client’s unique life style. He brings together the latest in design and contemporary conveniences while addressing everything from elevations and home floor plans to the tiniest details.

Modern Renovation

Bruce Celenski, a Fort Lauderdale architect dedicated to designing Fort Lauderdale dream homes, is committed to maintaining loyal customers through a penchant for knowing good architect design and the ability to apply that knowledge across a diverse array of desires and needs.

Fort Lauderdale Commercial Architect

Fort Lauderdale architect Bruce Celenski blends function with style for those spaces where people gather to conduct business or simply enjoy life. When you mean business, we’re the company you should keep.

Project Management

During construction there are bound to be changes and alterations to the original plans. Our expertise as a leading Fort Lauderdale architect firm enables us to react quickly, and make construction decisions backed by the latest computer technology, so that nothing is left to chance and there are no surprises.

Custom Home Renovation

Richness, comfort, sustainability, uncompromising attention to detail and affordability — all these features are built into every home by Fort Lauderdale architect Bruce Celenski.

Architect Bruce Celenski, Inc.

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Remodeling and Home Design

Remodeling and Home Design