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Custom Contemporary Home Design Development

If you want a contemporary custom home, you likely prefer more futuristic, cutting-edge, and innovative designs. That is a good description of what Fort Lauderdale architect Bruce Celenski delivers.

Every design project our firm undertakes collaborates between my team and our client. With sophisticated 3D computer modeling, we provide homeowners with a 360-degree view of their contemporary home design as it evolves. This modeling serves many purposes. Of course, the most important use of our 3D design modeling is to allow the homeowner to experience a walk-around view of their finished contemporary home.

No Surprise Custom Architecture Design Results

Duplicating the 3-D immersive experience would require many two-dimensional drawings and still not be as realistic. Additionally, our design development process is documented with 3D computer modeling. Finally, our 3D modeling of the finished contemporary home design supports the bidding, fabrication, and construction processes.

Visualize Your Luxury Custom Home as it is being Designed

As a custom Fort Lauderdale architect, I must deliver a home that meets my client’s expectations. Unfortunately, two-dimensional contemporary architecture drawings are limited. It isn’t easy to understand the concepts of scale, floor plans, room design, etc., without an understandable visual aid. Colors are easy to represent in renderings, but space and dimension are not so. Illustrations can’t create the perceptions that three-dimensional modeling can.

With our 3D modeling software, we can create a virtual rendering of our clients’ contemporary home design. An interactive 3D presentation enables us to show the client exactly what I have in mind with accurate visualization.

Let’s start a conversation about the design of your new home. Our photos and videos show contemporary homes are in all of Broward County, and Palm Beach County. Call us now at 954-917-5781 or send us a short note using the form on our contact page, and we will get back to you.