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The defining characteristic of Fort Lauderdale architect Bruce Celenski’s homes is their unique design that resonates with each owner’s personality. Unique design can be said of his traditional home design and his contemporary home design style. As defined by its name, a contemporary home reflects the design style of the moment, including materials, construction, and colors. Traditional home designs are timeless, with design inspirations from the 18th and 19th Centuries. Traditional homes don’t represent any era, period, or country, but they are always warm, rich, and inviting.

Bruce Celenski’s traditional homes exemplify elegance and comfort. Elegance and comfort are also characteristics of Celenski’s contemporary home designs. Many of his traditional home clients share a commonality in their appreciation for history, timeless art, symmetry, and antiques.

Personal preference for design style is part of the initial discovery meetings with new clients. This client-architect collaboration is what drives home design development. Another style that might evolve from this collaboration is
a juxtaposition of design elements from the past with contemporary materials and construction, creating a unique transitional design.

Architectural design style definitions can be confusing. Though there are clear design distinctions between contemporary architecture and traditional architecture design, modern architecture has appeal for many. Where traditional homes are adorned with elegant details, modern homes strip away the frills to let the basic structure speak for itself.

Modern architecture is the product of the 20th Century with roots in German and Scandinavian design. The designs of U.S. architect Frank Loyd Wright are good examples of modern architecture. Modern architecture popularized the design theme of ‘form follows function. Light, open space, warm materials, and no unnecessary adornments are characteristics of modern architectural style. Open floor plans and the simplicity of modern architecture are also characteristic of contemporary architecture. To determine a precise client preference requires the client-architect collaboration of Fort Lauderdale architect Bruce Celenski. Understanding the nuances of client preferences is critical to building a home that reflects the owner’s taste and lifestyle.

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